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What to Expect

Many times, attending a church for the first time can be intimidating. Don’t worry. Everyone is welcome at New Hope.Perfect people are the only ones not allowed! We’re just regular people who realize that we need God and are trying to understand what it means to have a relationship with Him and how to fulfill His purpose for our lives. No religion just for religion’s sake. No empty ritual. We study the Bible together to find meaningful, practical, real-life answers that God has for us in His Word.


A few people dress up, but most choose to dress down. Come the way you feel most comfortable.

Worship service times
The services usually last about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. We have 2 weekend services: Sat. 6pm & Sun. 10:00am.

Kidz Church
We provide ministry for children ages birth-5th grade while the adults and older kids/youth are in the worship service. Our Kidz Church is designed to help kids learn about God in a way that is appropriate for their age and is very upbeat and provides a lot of movement for them. Kids love Kidz Church! (Parents are welcome to bring younger children into the worship service if they want. However, we would encourage you to make use of our wonderful Kidz Church ministry! It will be a great blessing for your kids! Also, it will allow others in the worship service to focus on what God is saying to them. If you do choose to bring your kids into the worship service but the child is not able to focus on the message, please do make use of our Kidz Church for the benefit of others.)

Be sure that you have the security tags that the children’s workers give you when you drop your children off so we can ensure your child’s safety. Please pick up your children promptly after the service so those serving can round up their families as well before leaving for the day.

The music is contemporary, Christian music led by a praise team and worship band (keyboard, drums, guitars). We use a lot of multimedia as well as periodic dramas/skits that illustrate some aspect of applying God’s Word to our lives. Some people clap and lift their hands to God. Others are more quiet and reflective in their response to God. That is up to you.

Message (sermon)
Every weekend, you will hear a relevant, straightforward message that is based on Scripture and is designed to be helpful in your daily life. We trust these messages will help you begin and develop a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and provide a strong biblical foundation for your life. Most weeks, the message is brought by Pastor Robbie, our lead pastor. However, we do have periodic special speakers, one of our other pastors, or other men in our church family who have been gifted to share God’s Word publicly.

Worship means giving ourselves completely to God. Part of our worship experience each week is a time for the New Hope family to give the Lord our tithes and offerings. As a guest, you may give financially to support the ministry of New Hope if you want, but please do not feel obligated to do that. This is an act of worship for our members and regular attendees, allowing another opportunity for them to thank God for all of the great work He is doing in their lives and support His work through this church family, providing New Hope with the resources needed to share the Good News about Jesus with more and more people.

Communication Card
As a guest, we ask for you to fill out a Communication Card during the service and put it in the offering basket as it comes by in the service or in one of the “response boxes” on the back wall of the auditorium as you leave. We commit not to put you on any mailing lists you do not want to be put on, but we do have a gift that we want to send to you the week after your first visit. This is just our way of saying, “Thanks for being our guest.” The Communication Card can also be used by anyone to share prayer requests, a spiritual decision you have made, or anything else you would like to communicate with us.

Communion (The Lord’s Supper)
About once per quarter, we celebrate communion together. We encourage anyone who has personally received God’s gift of salvation and publicly identified yourself as a follower of Jesus through believer’s baptism to participate in this time of worship.

The Bible teaches that those who have received Jesus as their Savior should publicly identify themselves as a follower of Jesus by being baptized. It is our great joy to be a part of this special step in someone’s life, and we celebrate baptism as often as people are ready (usually averaging about one weekend per month). Please let us know if you are interested in being baptized.

After the worship service…

Prayer Team
If God is speaking to you about some decision in your life, you would like to receive Christ as your personal Savior, you would like to have someone pray for you about something, or whatever else we can do for you, there is a team of people down from after the service is over who have on “Prayer Team” lanyards and are happy to talk with you.

If you have time after the service,we invite anyone who can to stay for refreshments – coffee and snacks. This gives us all an opportunity to get to know one another better – ministering to one another and sharing about what God is doing in our lives.

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