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The Story of New Hope

In 1997, when Pastor Robbie was a seminary student, his school made a commitment to start 50 churches in the state of New Hampshire. The Lord used that emphasis to begin working in his heart about the Northeast. In 1998, a pastor from Schenectady spoke at the church where he served, and the Lord began speaking to him about New York specifically. In 1999, he brought his youth group to NY to help a church in the Albany area. Through all of those experiences, the Lord began to speak to Pastor Robbie & Shannon about moving to NY and starting a church in Queensbury. On February 2, 2000, the Lankfords pulled into town with 2 children and all their worldly possessions.

After living in Queensbury for a month, no real progress had been made. The Lord put on Pastor Robbie’s heart to do a special prayer ride. Not long after that, they were planning their first ever Bible Study. When the group met for the first time in a dentist’s office on Apr. 16, 2000, 19 people participated. By the fall, they were meeting at the Ramada Inn off exit 19. On Oct. 29, 2000, 37 people met for the worship for the first time.

New Hope first buildingBy the summer of 2001, the church was in need of a facility to use 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and one with more room for ministry to young people. Through some amazing events, the Lord miraculously provided a 6,000 square foot business office for them to use for about 10 years.

On Oct. 27, 2002, the church had built a core group committed to developing the new church and held its official Grand Opening with 160 people in attendance. On Oct. 29, 2006, the church officially constituted as a church family.

building renderingIn the fall of 2004, the church began to realize that it would eventually need to purchase property. Several men began looking for 10-20 acres of land in Queensbury. It took longer than they had expected, but in the summer of 2009, the Lord provided land on 454 Corinth Road in Queensbury. After dedicating the land, they began focusing on a building project. Because of a tough U.S. economy, it took a couple of years to secure financing, but through some amazing provision, work began after a Groundbreaking Ceremony on July 10, 2011. In those years of preparation the church expanded to 2 services, then 3 services, to finally 4 services. In June of 2012, they moved into their new facility on Corinth Road in Queensbury.

Since moving into their new facility, the church has seen tremendous growth.  Having started with 2 services  (1 on Sat., 1 on Sun.), in the fall of 2014, the church expanded to a 3rd worship service, a second Sunday service.  Currently, they are averaging about 550 people each weekend and seeing God do amazing things!

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