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Same Sex Marriage–

Against the Flow

Dear New Hope family,

Recently, we have been bombarded with messages in the national and local media and politics overwhelmingly in support of same-sex marriage.  As your pastors, we believe it is our responsibility to share with you what God’s Word says about homosexuality as well as share with you the focused effort by some over the last 30+ years to force its acceptance upon our nation.

We would urge you to please listen to this message that was shared at New Hope by Pastor Robbie three years ago.  Please also read the pamphlet that outlines the plan that was developed decades ago to de-sensitize the people of our country to a lifestyle that was at one time considered unthinkable behavior.

It is not our purpose to be political or argumentative or anything of that nature.  We also do not intend to condemn those who struggle with homosexuality.  We want to help everyone that the Lord leads our way to overcome the sin in their lives and experience God’s victory.

The reason we are sharing this is because we just want to be God’s servants to share the truth with those that the Lord has put under our care.

God bless you,
Pastor Robbie
Pastor Chris
Pastor Jeff
Pastor Todd

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