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Daily prayer guide

daily prayer guide

Years ago, I heard about this way of putting some organization to our different prayer requests. I hope it is helpful to you. –Pastor Robbie

-my own relationship with God
-spouse, kids
-other top prayer needs

Sunday – Salvation
-pray for people whom you are not sure if they know the Lord

Monday – Missions
-pray for missionaries who are doing God’s work around the world

Tuesday – Tasks
-pray about the different responsibilities you have in your life
-child of God, spouse, parent, son/daughter, job, ministry areas

Wednesday – Workers
-pray for the ministry leaders in your own church

Thursday – Thanksgiving
-praise God for anything and everything that comes to mind

Friday – Family (extended)
-pray for your parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews

Saturday – Saints (God’s people, your church family)
-pray through a page of your church’s membership directory

(adapted – originally seen from Dr. Rob Finley, since seen in several other places)

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