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Sermon Series & Growth Groups, “God Is…”

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Begins Apr. 2-3 Weekend

Do you ever wonder what God is like?  Maybe you have some of your own ideas or you’ve heard some things before in church, but you’re not sure about some of what you have thought or heard.  Join us over the next few weeks as we open up God’s Word, the Bible, and see what God Himself tells us about who He is and what He is like!

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Living the Message
(notes for Growth Groups)
Wk 1 – God is Holy/God is Good: Click here
Wk 2 – God Knows Everything: Click here
Wk 3 – God is All-Powerful: Click here
Wk 4 – God is Unchanging: Click here
Wk 5 – God is Personal: Click here

Wk 6 – Growing Deeper – Heart Change (Matt Losee): Click here
Wk 7 – Glory Partners (Jeff Stappenbeck): Click here


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Latest Sermon: It’s Complicated – 4 – God’s Plan for Children - October 15, 2017

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