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Granville construction help

Here is a list from the pastor of some things that need to be done and the church’s approximate timeline for doing those things:

1) Finalize framing the first floor.
2) Scraping paint off the concrete walls and pillars in the basement in a few spots
3) Finalize Dry-Lok painting the basement to help with the moisture
4) Mix and pour concrete in a few places around the foundation of the building
5) Cut pressure treated board and seal up the old windows in the basement that are no longer functioning (they’ve been sealed off at the ground level, but the window wells are hollow still and let a lot of moisture in). This project will involve 1) Building a 2 x 4 pressure treated frame inside the window with tap-con screws. 2) Applying some sort of foam sealant around the frame. 3) Screwing a pressure treated ply-wood board to the frame (and against the foam sealant). 4) Painting the wood.
7) Window installation.
8) Floor sanding in main worship area.
8) Insulation. Lord willing, they hope to insulate in August if not sooner.
9) Dry-wall, taping, and mudding.
10) Painting/ Carpeting, finalizing things—this will probably be in the early Fall.

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