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Secret Church

April 21, 6pm-12:30am

Imagine if you had to meet in secret to worship God with others like many believers do all across the world. Join with 1000s as David Platt leads us during this simulcast to pray for the persecuted church and to learn why we can rely upon the Bible as God’s Word.


Topics include:

    • How did we get this holy book?
    • Who decided what would and wouldn’t be included in it?
    • How do we know it’s true? Are there any errors in it?
    • Is it necessary? Is it sufficient? Is it authoritative for my life?
    • How can I understand it?

Why Do You Have Secret Church? from Radical on Vimeo.


For more information on “Secret Church,” visit: www.radical.net/secret-church

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Apr 21, 2017 - 6:00 pm Secret Church View

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